semi automatic sod roll harvester


The Magnum SR is a semi-automatic big roll harvesting machine. Incorporating all the features of the Magnum BR, the SR has loads of additional features that help reduce downtime, save lots of labor and speed harvest time. It’s large removable tube rack is easy to reload. A tube injector makes for quick and easy tube addition and with the net injector you can introduce net to the big roll at the start or the end of the roll. A self-starting conveyor eliminates hand wrapping turf around the tube.


20 ft
With tipper
27.5 ft.
With tipper and tractor
39 ft.
8.5 ft
Cutting width
30/42/48 in
solid heads or twin floating heads
7.8 ft.
Shipping weight
5,900 lbs.
with tipper
6,500 lbs
Electrical system
12 volt
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