Big Roll Netting

Eliminate Wasted Turf Made Easy.


Magnum offers a complete line of Sod and Turf Field Netting including Big Roll Net- 23”, 29”, 40”, and 46”- and Field Net- 17.25” and 19.2” for all brands of turf equipment. High stock levels allow for immediate shipment from multiple warehouses across the nation year ‘round available to all of our customers.

With over 100 years of experience and being the original company that invented Big Roll Net usage, Magnum’s regional sales team understands all of your needs and is available to answer any questions you may have. Magnum Big Roll Net is loaded with the features that provide maximum benefits for profitable

turf harvesting:

• Ten rolls per pallet

• No wasted turf

• Color Options: Clear (better visibility) and Brown (degradable)

• 10% stronger than competitors

Durable and Long Lasting Turf Netting
  • 23"

  • 29"

  • 40"

  • 46"


(Better Visibility)