field net installer


The Magnum BN-1720, formerly known as Barr-Net, has changed to process of field net installation forever. This field net installer eliminates labor intensive staking & installation. It can expand and contract to fit any size roll of netting. As the netting comes off of the roll, the coulter is pushing the net into divot it is making in the soil, the net is then bunched together to pull the net tighter, and then a press wheel runs over the top of it to level out the soil and prevents the netting from pulling out of the divot. This process is happening on the left and right side of the machine, allowing the installation of field net to be faster and easier than it has ever been. Want reinforcement to hold the netting down? Not a problem! Add dual auto-stakers to your machine, driving stakes into the ground using an air compressor. Set them to shoot the stakes at whatever distance you prefer.

5 ft
20 Ft
6 ft
1300 lbs
Electrical System (Only when Dual Auto Staker is Present)
12 Volt
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