sod roll harvester


With its introduction in 1991, the Magnum BR Big Roll Harvester, our first sod roll harvester model and still our mainstay, has earned a reputation for dependability and performance in a variety of conditions and turf grasses.

Our patented net application reinforces tender sod and loose soil so you can realize the full benefits of big rolls: by harvesting less mature grasses, you get quicker turn around on your sod. With the net backing, you can cut thinner to save soil or thicker as the job requires- from 1/4” to 3”.

Our innovative two-conveyor system gives you new found control over rolling tension. You’ll be able to pull sod into tighter rolls and start or stop a roll without gaps. Just skip over the bad turf patches and pull up on the ends with no problems. Now available Anti-vibration cutter heads; always in synch and less maintenance required. The cutter heads are timed, as one moves forward the other moves back, therefore reducing vibration providing a better cut of sod and less stress on the head parts.

Length (without tractor)
Cutting Width
30, 42, & 48in
solid heads with coulters or twin floating heads
Shipping Weight
3650 lbs
Electrical System
12 Volt
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