Durable and Eco Friendly Turf Netting

Introducing Magnum’s best selling environmentally friendly netting line, EnviroNet.

This line offers all the advantages of a classic polypropylene net without the unwanted lingering of the plastic net after installation.
EnviroNet uses a special formulation that allows it to perform at the highest quality during the
growing stage of the turf until it is no longer needed, which is when the net begins to degrade.

Magnum is always looking for ways to better themselves as a brand. Help Magnum in their effort to contribute to the well-being of the environment! Call us today to learn more about our

**Because the degradation process is a chemical reaction resulting from a combination of exposure to temperature, oxygen, moisture and sunlight and weather conditions can vary from year to year and from region to region, it is not possible for Magnum to guarantee the precise timing of degradation.